Quinn & Wilson is launching a new segment starting today called “Agent Spotlight”. In these segments we will work to introduce you to our amazing real estate sales professionals and give you a special look at the work they do.  Hopefully we’ll also share some “behind the scenes” of their business and non-work life.  

No spotlight of our agents could start, however, without shining the light first on Terry Quinn & Buzz Wilson, two real estate brokers who have been the driving force behind the company for more than twenty years and who have been selling homes and businesses in Montgomery County for another two decades beyond that. 

Even with that sort of long-term success, you can come to the office just about any day and find Terry and Buzz working with the team, learning about new opportunities and closing deals for buyers, sellers and land developers throughout the area. 

Terry Quinn

G. Price (Buzz) Wilson

Q: In the 25 years since your two firms (Armstrong Quinn Real Estate and G. Price Wilson Realtors) merged to become Quinn & Wilson, Inc what do you see as the biggest change to the practice of real estate in Montgomery County?

T: Without question it is the technology. What was once a business built around personal relationships and delivering individualized service has changed so that now too many agents think having the next “hot tech toy” allows them to short-circuit the process. I see it cause more angst in the transaction too; mainly because people don’t interact face-to-face, and emails/text messages have to be interpreted without context. I am constantly stressing to the team here that personalization is what makes firms like ours stand above the crowd.

B: I agree, the technology. But it has positive implications too. Our office was able to move to a new location this year and during that time the business never stopped. Our agents could be productive from home, or from anywhere, which allowed them to continue to provide service and manage transactions even while the moving trucks had their desk packed away.

Q: Speaking of the new office…it’s the first time the firm has moved in more than 20 years. How do you feel about the new space, and what do you like best about the location?

B: I like being part of a shopping experience. When people come to Baederwood for other things like dog food or a pizza they see Quinn & Wilson there. When we needed a bank, there’s one right there on site. In today’s world people want bundled experiences, I like that we’re a part of that bundle in Baederwood.

T:  Truthfully, I like the kitchen. It may seem simple, but simple things like making coffee for our settlements is much easier than it ever was before. When we had our opening reception, the caterer could work in there and do great things. 

Q: Terry, in addition to selling residential and commercial real estate you serve as the company’s broker of record. That is the person the state regulators talk to and the person responsible for all the legal aspects of the firm. How have the changes in the law impacted this business in that time?

T:  Without question, the introduction of additional regulation has made the business better, even if it has made things more challenging day-to-day. It makes for a better business environment – especially when you are dealing with transactions as significant as the sale of a home or the transfer of a business. 

Q: What is your favorite transaction over the years you have been in real estate?

B:  For me the answer is easy. I was involved in the sale of 102 acres in Meadowbrook in the late 1980’s. During the transaction the buyer of the land asked me to be involved in the development of the community – the opportunity to learn about that side of the business and get that experience was invaluable to me, and profitable to the firm. 

T: My favorite transaction is always the last one I completed – being able to walk away from the settlement table knowing all the parties are satisfied is what I want to do each time. 

Q: Buzz, a member of the Wilson family has been selling real estate in Montgomery County for more than 100 years. As of today, there are no plans for that to extend to a 4th generation. How does that make you feel knowing the Wilson name will no longer be in the business?

B: I am so proud of the legacy my family has established in Montgomery County real estate going back over 100 years. With that said, though, I am also very proud of my children and the directions their careers have gone – so I have no qualms with their not being another Wilson, although it is somewhat bittersweet. 

Q: Finally, can you share one bit of advice that you would give a new real estate salesperson coming into the business in 2018?

T:  Practice networking until it is an art form. As I mentioned earlier, technology is a help but this is still a business about people. Be good at connecting people, even outside real estate, and then know everything about real estate for when people connect back to you.

B: This is not a business for the faint-of-heart. Have some funds in reserve while you build your network, be prepared for some disappointments along the way and always stay focused on what’s important – making connections and helping get deals done.