Whew, is it 2019 already?  Time to make those resolutions…and at Quinn & Wilson we resolve to keep introducing you to our agents (there was a little gap there but we’re back!)

Today we are shining the spotlight on Barbara Ferrara, who has been a liaison between our office and the community for several years, as well as being mom to one of our favorite office dogs, Higgins.  Her real estate skills, connections and experience make her a key part of the Quinn & Wilson team! 

Barbara, and Higgins (when he’s not in the office) 

Q – So Barbara, what drew you to real estate?

B – I had friends in the real estate business and I enjoy working with people. My children were all in school and it seemed like the right time to try something new.  It was definitely a great decision.

Q – So what was it that drew you to Quinn & Wilson?

B – I knew some of the agents and liked the diversity of the community they serve. Quinn & Wilson is a neighborhood agency and just the right size to deliver personalized, individual services. 

Q – It was a great fit.  So, getting to something more individual…if you could sell a home to one celebrity, who would it be?

B – Martha Stewart.  After all, how much fun it would be to see her vision of how you could transform a tired home into something really special? 

Q – That would be pretty great, she has such amazing ability.  So what are three things that people may not know about you?
B – They all sort of blend together but they are all equally important. I spent 16 years as an Abington Township Commissioner, 8 of those years as President of the Board.  I was the first woman elected President at the time.  I spearheaded the move from septic systems to public sewers for over 1,000 homes during that period.

Q – What is your favorite architectural style?

B – I enjoy seeing all different styles and seeing what attracts certain people to different styles, but for me I think it is the traditional Colonial.

Q – What do you have to have in order for your day to start properly? 

B – Coffee and the morning paper.  I know, I know..that makes me sound so old fashioned; but I still enjoy the morning paper!

Q – Newspaper publishers everywhere thank you.  Now for a different kind of question…if you were trapped on a desert island, what are the three things you would want to have with you?

B – Well you know, I’m pretty practical.  So my three are going to be my family, Higgins and a way off that island.  Didn’t everyone answer that way?

Q – Ha, no not everyone thought to bring a ride home. But we’re all glad that Higgins gets to come along.  He’s like a part of our family.  Switching gears, we know you are active in the community in many ways including the work you did with the Township.  What do you do now that keeps you engaged?

B – Nowadays my focus is mainly on my grandchildren who keep me running all over.  But they are involved in activities in the community, plus all the work I do with organizations around Abington..those things keep me connected.

Q – OK Barbara, fess up…what’s the most used app on your iPhone?

B – YouTube. But it’s mainly my grandkids entertaining themselves. In fact, they introduced me to it – pretty amazing at 4 years old!

Q – That’s great! Yes, kids know more about these devices than all of us. Thinking about real estate, what is your top tip for first time home buyers or sellers?

B – For Sellers/Buyers first thing you should do is  contact me at Quinn & Wilson!  Sellers need  go through their home and remove as much clutter as possible. Clear out closets, they will appear larger. For Buyers – get pre-qualified by a mortgage lender before you begin your search.  Drive through various neighborhoods to get a feel for the community.

Q – Great advice, especially that first part. Different question but in the same vein…what do you think is the number one misconception about real estate?

B – That it is easy! The rewards are wonderful, finding the right buyer for your house or the right home to purchase.  At times the road to that destination is very long and takes a lot of patience.  That’s why we are here to help.

Q – That’s a great point.  OK, last question.  As someone who has been in the area for a while and who has great connections, where do you go when you want a “night out”?

B – For us, Marzano Ristorante and Moonstruck are two of our favorites.