After a week off (hey, it was cold) today we are jumping back into our agent spotlight by shining the light on one of Quinn & Wilson’s superstars. Henry Jacquelin has been been “Mr. Real Estate” in this community for decades, and we are so glad he’s on our team.  Take a moment to get to know Henry better.

Henry (far right) being recognized as a top-tier Realtor

Q – OK Henry, we’re going to try to dig deep into the treasure trove of real estate information you’ve been carrying around for the last few decades…ready?  So first and foremost, how did you get into real estate in the first place?

H – It’s a great story, actually.  I was working construction and saw that the company I was working for was building great houses. So I started to tell people about them, just because they were great – and sure enough they started buying them! So I realized real estate sales was a good way for me to go.

Q – I don’t doubt that for even half-a-second. You are the consummate salesman and people respect your knowledge. It only makes sense you would start selling what you built. But knowing you have had a great career and owned your own firm at one time, what drew you in to Quinn & Wilson?

H – Their reputation.  I had known Terry & Buzz and the agents here for years, I was happy to be a part of that team.

Q – Nice. OK, so more personal question now.  If you could sell a house to anyone, who would it be?

H – Donald Trump.  I would like to see what sort of a negotiator he really is.

Q – Interesting.  But he has a house right now.  Maybe when he’s ready to downsize you’ll be the guy he calls.  So tell us, what is your favorite architectural style? 

H – I like the traditional Colonial style.  There are so many great ones here in Montgomery County and they have always appealed to me.

Q – Great answer.  Tell us, what are three things most people don’t know about Henry Jacquelin?

H – First, that I delivered a baby.  That’s a whole interview in and of itself…but number two is that I was the Deputy Fire Chief in Willow Grove at one point and number three is that I was the Middle Atlantic State Jr. Judo champion in 1959.

Q – OK, those are all great ones, maybe we will have to come back for a more in-depth conversation.  Let’s talk about your day; what sort of things can your day not start without?

H – I am so thankful for many things that I can’t start my day without reflecting on how grateful I am for family, my health and this vocation.  But anyone who knows me also knows that my day can’t start without updating my voice mail – for years I have recorded a fresh greeting every morning to give some great historical fact (“on this day in ….”) for people who call.

Q – And people still comment all the time about those “on this day” messages!  Promise you’ll keep it up.  So now, imagine a different scenario – you are trapped on a desert island. What three things are you bringing with you?

H – Without a doubt I’m bringing my wife.  We’ve been together all these years I can’t imagine being stranded without her.  On top of that…some good books, and of course I’m packing some water and food.

Q – OK…very practical…but that is Henry.  For decades you have been known for all the great work you do not only for the community but also for the real estate industry and Realtors. What are some of your favorite ways to connect with the community where you live?

H – I am so deeply involved in the Willow Grove Community Development Corporation. We focus on low-income housing here in Montgomery County, which is such an important task. I am grateful to be the president and be able to help. On top of that, I have been a Willow Grove Rotarian for years and was previously an Upper Moreland Township commissioner. 

Q – That’s great.  The work you have done with the CDC is so admirable. In a different direction – can you tell me, without looking, the most-used app on your smartphone?

H – Look, I’m a talk-on-the-phone guy.  Without question my phone is used as a phone, and the phone directory is the most used app.  I get so much done on this thing – because I’m still happy to pick up the phone and dial.

Q – Unfortunately, it’s becoming a lost art, but you are still a master on the telephone.  So when you talk to your clients, especially those first-time buyers or sellers, what do you tell them? 

H – I tell them to hire a professional.  But that’s not all. I also tell them to stay involved in the transaction.  Ask questions of your agent, and make sure you know what is going on.  At the end of the day this is your property – you need to be completely up-to-speed.

Q – Great advice.  In a similar vein, what do you think is the #1 misconception people have about real estate these days?

H – Quite frankly, it’s the same misconception they have had since I started – they think it is so easy.  The truth of the matter is that our business is more about helping people – each of whom have their own unique situation – than it is about selling a property.  Those unique situations make it more challenging than it looks. 

Q – Certainly you would know. You have done this successfully for a long time. OK Henry, last question…you are done a long day of real estate work and community service – where are you going for a fun night out?

H – Honestly, the where doesn’t matter as much as the who.  After a day like that I want to have my family around me – my wife, my children and their spouses and my grandchildren.  They are what makes a night out great these days.