Want to talk about bad planning?  Don’t save an “Agent Spotlight Wednesday” feature with one of your most productive agents for the heart of the spring market! We’re a day behind schedule this week, but that’s a good thing – because it means Carol Godfrey, this week’s spotlighted agent, is as busy as she has ever been! We’re thrilled you had time to talk to us about your business and your “off-the-court” endeavors.

Q – So Carol, as one of the office’s busiest agents I appreciate that you were able to make time to talk about your career.  To start off, can you tell us what led you to get into real estate in the first place?

C – It’s a great story. When I was home raising my three sons I used to have lunch pretty frequently with a friend who was in real estate. I would let her know who was getting ready to move and who might want to buy, mainly based off what I heard in the neighborhood.  She would do the deal and I would get flowers…one day I realized “I could do this myself and get paid for it!” So when the agent left town, Buzz Wilson called and asked if I would keep feeding these great leads into the office (I believe he offered fruitcake in return); I think I surprised him when I said I wanted to keep all the leads and start working myself!

Q – That’s great! Thank you, Buzz for making that call! Obviously that answers my second question about how you ended up with Quinn & Wilson – so let’s change it a little; why do you stay?

C – When I joined G. Price Wilson (the forerunner of Q&W) it was because it was a small, local, focused company. The same holds true today. The atmosphere in our office is the best and I love working with the agents and staff everyday. It’s fun to come in each morning!

Q – Well trust me, we love that you come in each day too.  Changing gears, who is one celebrity (living or dead) that you would like to sell a house to?

C – Recently I have been reading about all the great work Chris Long of the Eagles does. Providing clean water to developing countries in Africa is really noble – so I would like the chance to talk with him more.

Q – The NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year…a good choice. OK, so now we’re going to get to the fun stuff.  Can you tell us three things that most people don’t know about you?

C – Ok, here goes.  First of all I have been taking Soul Line Dancing classes at the Abington Adult School on Thursday evenings for about 12 years.  We’re not very good, but we have a ton of fun!  Second…I am a basketball “junkie” and I love going to high school games throughout the season. It’s relaxing and I enjoy the competition – maybe having three sons who all played had something to do with that.  Finally, when my boys were in school two of them were the place kicker at Abington. One even went on to kick in college, and when he would practice during the summer it was my “job” to chase down the balls and get them back to him – but I did it by kicking them!  We joked that maybe he got his talent from Mom…which considering he is now a Realtor in Ocean City, NJ may be very true!

Q – I think we all want to see you out there now with a football and a tee!  Thinking about real estate, what is your favorite architectural style?

C – The older stone Colonials that this area is known for are my favorite – I’ve been fortunate enough to live in three of them over the years.  Having said that though, a well-done Contemporary always catches my eye!

Q – We are fortunate there are so many great old stone homes around here.  Thinking of your day, what is one thing you need for your day to start off right?

C – Getting out for 45 minutes with my Black Lab, Abbey, is essential.  Not only is it good for her – it is good for me too.

Q – Very nice. Carol, you are well-known for your community endeavors over the years, what things are you doing now to stay engaged? 

C – For me it is about continuing to serve in the areas where it matters most. I have been on the board of the Abington YMCA for 38 years.  Now that the Abington Y and the Hatboro Y are merging to create the new Willow Grove YMCA I have been asked to continue that service on the new board and be a part of the Capital Campaign. Since my grandchildren are now there every day, it is extra special to me.  Along with that I continue my service to the Kiwanis, where I have been for 30 years and I dedicate time to work with the Abington School District Human Relations Commission.  This last one, which I have also done for decades, is really a great way to stay connected to the area where I live and work.

Q – Wow, that’s quite a list.  Thank you for all that you do. Let’s lighten things up a bit.  If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you have to have with you?

C – My sons and their wives, the six grandchildren and all of our dogs! 

Q – That sounds like a vacation, not a hardship!  But a good combination.  If we picked up your smartphone right now, what we see as the most used app?

C – WAZE! I love that I can get anywhere and never get lost.

Q – Yes. Remember when we had map books everywhere?  So thinking about the business more, what is your number one tip for buyers and sellers?

C – For sellers, I would say to maintain your property every year. Don’t wait until you’re about to put it on the market to try to get everything done. Also de-clutter every year.  It becomes way more overwhelming when you have to do it at the end.  And of course, use Quinn & Wilson!

For buyers, get pre-approved before you start looking. And even if you have a friend in the business, work with someone local who lives in the neighborhood and who is knowledgeable about the community.

Q – Great advice.  How about the number one misconception people have about real estate?

C – I think most people think we just “show houses” and then go to settlement. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many steps in the process of buying or selling a home – personally I pride myself in my ability to pay attention to those details and keeping good files.  The hours can be flexible – but they can also be very long, especially if you want to be successful.

Q – Agreed on that last part.  Flexible also means late into the evening sometimes.  Final question for you, Carol.  What is your favorite night out when you do find free time?

C – Attending the local sporting event – as I said I’m a bit of a basketball “junkie”.  I also like catching a movie at the Hiway Theater or the Ambler Theater.  Marzanos in Jenkintown or just about any of the restaurants in Ambler are good too!