It has long been said that pricing homes is both an art and a science.

Here in Pennsylvania that is more true than it is in other parts of the United States.  That is one reason why you do not see big corporations making “instant offers” online here – the science part can’t be the only way to spend investors’ money in a marketplace where every home is different from the other.

At Quinn & Wilson, our experience allows us to blend both to determine the best price for your home that will also meet with the most interest from buyers.  From the science standpoint we utilize tools like the Realtors Property Resource – which was designed not only for real estate professionals, but also for equities traders trying to determine values of mortgage-backed securities.  RPR generates for Realtor members detailed reports (some running over 75 pages) that evaluate every aspect of the home and the value; while also looking at how that value compares to others that have sold…even down to the dollar spent per bedroom available!   But even then, the RPR system only provides a range to the agent – because science can only go so far.

Armed with a price range via the RPR report, Quinn & Wilson agents can then look at the market as it stands right now.  We can see who is searching (even if they are not working with us) and can “test the market” on whether a price in the range will draw enough interest to generate a sale.

Finally, the art of home pricing comes into play.  Quinn & Wilson agents have lived in these communities for years, and they know who paid what – and more importantly WHY that price was achieved.  Science can’t do that part.  Armed with this skill they can help home sellers make the necessary adjustments in decor and curb appeal before bringing in a professional to capture the photos and present the home to the market.

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market in 2021 or 2022 please let us bring our unique blend of science and art to you.  The market is still really strong (another aspect of art-based-pricing) so let us help you take advantage of it now.


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