Continuing our “Market Research Monday” series we take a look at Warminster, Bucks County.  Did you know that at one time there was a world-class racetrack project slated for the town?  Here is an interesting (albeit long) Facebook post about the history of this project 

The real estate market in Warminster is robust; it is an area where people compete for starter homes and investment properties, but also hosts a large number of luxury estates and newer townhomes.  Over the last few years the Quinn & Wilson team has participated in many Warminster sales.

To see the activity of the market, you can click here for the latest market activity report.  This is the same information you can always get if you visit our “neighborhoods” page for Warminster, which includes not only the market activity but all of the newly-listed and “coming soon” homes.

If you are Warminster homeowner, now may be the time to take advantage of your equity.  Our team can give you the latest market-driven research on how much your home is worth.  Just contact us and we’ll schedule an appointment.