Santa Claus is coming to town…literally!

This week’s Market Research Monday focuses on the Borough of Doylestown – where the 107th annual Christmas Tree lighting and Santa visit is on tap for Friday, November 26th.  Get the info by clicking here.

When we look at Doylestown real estate, the biggest news is that there is little news.  If you look at the heatmap image above (or if you go to the full report by clicking here) you will see that there are many buyers with searches saved, but very little activity.  That reinforces what Doylestown Realtors know well; not much is for sale in this tiny town and when it is you need to have someone with “inside knowledge” to help you find it quick.  Our team has that knowledge, having lived and worked in Doylestown for decades.

It is important to clarify that when people say “Doylestown”, they could mean the Borough of Doylestown (which is pictured here) or they could mean the combined Borough/Doylestown Township area, which is what Quinn & Wilson references on our Neighborhoods page.  Our agents know the difference between the two, and especially how real estate values differ between each of the two areas (as well as New Britain and Plumstead, which are often linked with Doylestown by postal code).

There will certainly be a great crowd looking for Santa this week – and hoping he can put a new home in the Borough under the tree.  If you would like to try a more strategic approach based off our experience and data, contact us today!