For Today’s Market Research Monday we are going to look right into the heart of the Quinn & Wilson marketplace!  The area known as Huntingdon Valley has been a place where our agents have lived and worked since the company was founded in 1995.  This is an area we know extremely well and are proud to say we have participated in some of the most significant sales here.

Comprising parts of Lower Moreland Township, Upper Moreland Township, Bryn Athyn Boro and even Southampton in Bucks County, Huntingdon Valley is a special real estate market.  Almost all the homes here are detached (meaning very few duplexes or multi-family setups) and many sell above the overall county average price.  You can visit our Huntingdon Valley neighborhood page to see what is currently for sale.

When we look at the market research (the full report can be found by clicking here) what is obvious is that this is a desired area that people search frequently. The heat map image which is above shows that some pockets of Huntingdon Valley are especially well-searched, and to know that there are more than 170 individuals with some sort of saved search there is an optimistic sign for home sellers.

If you are in Huntingdon Valley and want to consider a sale you should definitely talk with our team of agents who can provide data-driven information as well as decades of experience.  To start the process you just need to contact us; we will do the rest!