Today for Market Research Monday we climb to the upper portions of Bucks County – Hilltown Township.  While covering more than 26 square miles, Hilltown has just 4,275 households.  By comparison, Abington Township is just 15 square miles and has 21,000+ households! (source: Wikipedia).

When it comes to buyer activity, there are still tons of people looking in Hilltown.  While a good portion of that activity centers around more high-density residential areas near Route 309, there are still many, many home buyers looking for the open space that Hilltown provides.  Read the entire real estate buyer/seller report by clicking here, or take a look at the homes for sale in Hilltown by visiting our neighborhood page.

Quinn & Wilson agents are very familiar with the communities that make up Hilltown Township, including Blooming Glen, Line Lexington and the Hilltown area of Hilltown Township.  Real estate sellers can rely on our agents to bring a data-driven approach to pricing property, while buyers can rest assured that our team understands the nuances of more rural home sales.

If you are interested in learning more about Hilltown, or if you have a home there you wish to discuss please contact us.