Understanding the market is more than just knowing which towns in Montgomery or Bucks County are properly priced and ready to go – it is also looking at the research other people do to see if it is accurate here at home.

The team at Realtor.com has used their data to determine “The Best Time to List a Home”.  You can read their opinion here, but from what they have determined the week of April 10-16 is the most valuable time to be on the market.  So, with that date only a few weeks away…should you be calling your Quinn & Wilson agent now?  Here’s what we see:

Realtor.com uses data from its 2018, 2019 and 2021 (saying 2020 was too statistiaclly inconsistent because of COVID lockdowns).  They say that in those three years they had 29% more website views than their “average” week.  Our Quinn & Wilson stats are similar, but in our case (on the site we had before this one) our views spiked a bit later in April, 2021.  That spike, however, is still smaller than our best website day in March, 2022…prooving that the buyers are looking right now.

They also say that the properties listed on their site that week are higher than at the beginning of the year.  We will see how it bears out for us, but Quinn & Wilson agents just put under contract three properties at the top end of our price points – so in that instance it seems we are ahead of their prediction.

Finally, Realtor.com says that April 10-16 is the best time to list a home because there is less competition from other sellers.  While that statistic may be accurate, it is not going to come to bear on this market – because the competitve environment so favors sellers right now that they do not need the advantage of an extra day.  If anything, the disadvantage of waiting until April may be offset by the changes in the mortgage market between now and then.

Our final take – if you are ready to list your home for sale, you don’t need to wait until April 10th to get the best deal.  Buyers in this market are looking all the time, are ready to pounce on properties priced aggressively and will most likely be in a position where closing is quick.  Talk to your Quinn & Wilson agent now if you want to capture that energy.