Over the last few weeks the national financial press keeps asking if the changes in interest rates (and mortgage rates) is having an impact on the number of homebuyers who will be “in the market” during the spring/summer of 2022.  Their determination is that the “cost of money” will change the monthly payment for certain homebuyers and will, as a result, force them to stop looking at homes.

At Quinn & Wilson we are asking the same question, of course, because we want to guide our sellers as to whether their homes will continue to sell as they have been (read here, quickly) and give insight to buyers just entering the marketplace.  The good news here, is that demand seems to continue to be high.

Willow Grove Stats

For example, look at Willow Grove, the 19090 zip code.  In October of 2021 our internal research showed that there were 288 buyers registered with searches looking in that area – and from that 2,878 buyer interactions (meaning houses viewed).  This week in the 19090 zip code there 311 buyers and 2,867 interactions.  In other words, more buyers are out there but they are interacting with fewer houses – which is because fewer are on the market!

Similarly, Warminster was spotlighted in November of last year.  At that time, 274 buyers generated 2,230 engagements.  This week it can be seen that 327 buyers are generating 2,893 engagements!  Things are continue to move forward with real estate in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

So to the national financial press we say that buyer demand is still strong, even in this interest rate environment.  Our expectation and our guidance to sellers is to continue moving forward.  If you are ready to speak with one of our talented agents, contact us.