Chris Beadling, Realtor PA

Christopher Beadling

As the company VP, I spend a great deal of my time looking after the needs of our agents as well as the residential and commercial clients we serve. I have a very unique real estate practice and I also serve as the 2020 First Vice President of the PA Realtor Association on my path to President in 2022.

After completing my MBA with a marketing/eCommerce concentration I started consulting for small brokerages. During that time I also received my license to practice real estate in PA (and later in NJ) and started working with some of the luxury clients the brokerage had in its portfolio. Among my transaction participants I include the CEO of a major global insurance company, key players in both political parties in our region and the CEO, CFO and CIO for a regional news conglomerate.

Along the way I served as the VP of a nationally-branded real estate company and taught at conferences around the country. I started a company in 2015 focused on real estate financial technology which in 2018 I sold and became a minority partner. At that time I took a year to graduate from the National Association of Realtors’ Leadership Academy. Now I am focused on supporting the brokerage, assisting key clients and making the industry stronger thorough my work with the Realtor brand.

If I can answer any questions for you about buying or selling properties in PA or NJ or if you are curious about the future of our industry and want to have a say, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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